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1950 ads for the Rialto, Louisville's million dollar movie palace

All through the early 1950s, most features that opened at the Rialto would move the next week to the Brown, which was a somewhat smaller house.  The same sort of thing goes on today, of course, at multiplexes. The less popular or older films are often shifted to smaller theaters.  By the mid-fifties, however, the Brown was outfitted for 70mm and showed all the big format films. At that point, it became Louisville's prestige house until the Rialto was outfitted for Cinerama in 1961. Soon after that, the Brown retired from film exhibition and became a legit theater and remains so to this day. The Rialto deserved a similar fate but it was not so lucky.   January 1, 1950
                                                                    January 8, 1950
                                                                  January 12, 1950
                                                                   January 19, 1950
                                                            January 28, 1950
 Often, the less prestigious films like this one had an accompanying B picture.   February 2, 1950
                                                                   February 9, 1950
For once a tag line was honest. The big scandal concerning Bergman's affair with Rossellini which would break up her marriage with Dr. Peter Lindstrom had offended church and civic groups all across the country, including Louisville's.  There was quite a lot of interest, but in the end Stromboli didn't get great reviews.  February 16, 1950
                                                                  February 23, 1950
                                                                March 3, 1950
                                                                      March 9, 1950
                                                                  March 16, 1950
Prices were raised for the latest DeMille picture, but even with inflation the 99c evening admission charge would be a bargain compared to today -- about $10. March 23, 1950
It must have done great business for the Rialto to hold onto it and not move it to the smaller Brown Theatre down the street.  March 30, 1950
                                       This was Cinderella's original release. April 6, 1950
                                                                     April 6, 1950
                                                                    April 20, 1950
A musical about horse racing was followed with this comedy about a talking mule. This one would spawn sequels and lead to the Mr. Ed TV series years later.  April 27, 1950
This was a remake of Coney Island (1943) which Betty Grable also starred in.  I wonder if anyone noticed at the time.  May 4, 1950
Claudette Colbert would only allow the camera to photograph the left side of her face. You can glimpse the other side when she had no choice but to turn her head but you have to look closely. When I saw her in Aren't We All, a stage play with Rex Harrison in 1985, I wondered if she would only show the left profile to the audience.  Yes, that's just what she did. May 11, 1950

                                                                       May 18, 1950
I don't know how 'heap big funny' Anne Baxter was in A Ticket to Tomahawk but she couldn't have been funnier than she was in The Ten Commandments.   May 25, 1950
The review in The Courier-Journal said this re-issue had made some trims, so it was somewhat less sensational than before.  So why bother? People didn't go the first time for the acting. June 1, 1950
                                                                      June 8, 1950
                                                                 June 15, 1950
                                                                    June 22, 1950
                                                                    June 29, 1950
                                                                     July 6, 1950
                                                                     July 13, 1950
Interestingly, there were no pictures of the premiere, though there was an article in which critic Boyd Martin groused about the press' treatment, assuming 20th Century Fox representatives on hand were apparently not that interested in getting good reviews for their film.   He described Mature backstage as 'dripping with perspiration' and holding in 'his huge mitt' a commission making the actor -- a Louisville native -- an honorary Kentucky Colonel. Boyd went on to describe the spotlights illuminating the Rialto and the 'unsightly mess of refuse from the concession stand.'  The Stella girls in attendance wore 'frou-frou gowns' and each hoped on stage their roles in the picture would take them further.  He seemed indifferent about the movie itself.  July 18, 1950

                                                                      July 27, 1950
                                                                      August 3, 1950
                                                                   August 10, 1950
                                                                     August 17, 1950
                                                                   August 24, 1950

                                                                    August 31, 1950
                                                                 September 7, 1950
                                                                  September 14, 1950
                                                                  September 21, 1950
                                                              September 28, 1950
                                                                     October 5, 1950
                                                                    October 12, 1950
                                                                  October 19, 1950
                                                                    October 26, 1950
                                                               November 2, 1950
                                                                 November 9, 1950
                                                                 November 11, 1950
                                                                 November 18, 1950
                                                                  November 22, 1950
                                                                November 30, 1950
                                                              December 7, 1950
                                                                  December 13, 1950
                                                                December 20, 1950
                                                                  December 27, 1950
                                                                December 31, 1950

All advertisements appeared in The Courier-Journal in 1950.

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