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1958 ads for the Rialto, Louisville's million dollar movie palace

                                                                January 1, 1958
February 5, 1958

 February 12, 1958
                                                               February 19, 1958
                                                                  March 12, 1958
                                                                March 19, 1958

The Gift of Love was an overtly sentimental story that was given the big Fox CinemaScope, color and stereo treatment. When I saw it as a child, I remember being most interested in a 1957 Lincoln Premiere used in the picture, which I remembered correctly (see below).  I also liked child actress Evelyn Rudie, who was given Patty McCormack platinum pigtails but was allowed to keep her dark eyebrows. It was an arresting look for a child, even for 1958. The director, Jean Negulesco, and most everyone else did much better work elsewhere.
Photo credit:  IMCDB Internet Movie Cars Database.  For those interested in cars, this is a fantastic resource.  You can find just about every car in just about every movie and TV show.
March 26, 1958

And here it is:  the first movie I saw at the Rialto, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For years I presumed my introduction to the Rialto was with Journey to the Center of the Earth the following Christmas, because I thought perhaps I saw Snow White at the Ohio Theatre down the street. Reviewing all these ads, however, spelled out the truth.  I do have a dim memory of being astounded at a very grand interior, and that wouldn't have been the Ohio, but I was four.  This may or may not have been the first movie I saw in an indoor theater; I had certainly been to drive-ins. April 6, 1958

Portugal was a thirty minute featurette in CinemaScope and Technicolor. Perhaps I saw it again when it turned up on The Wonderful World of Color years later. I can't imagine I was terribly interested in it in when I was four. April 2, 1958
                                                                   April 16, 1958.
                                                                    April 30, 1958

                                                                    May 14, 1958   
                                                                      May 21, 1958
                                                                May 28, 1958
                                                                       June 4, 1958
                                                                June 11, 1958
                                                               June 18, 1958
                                                                    June 25, 1958
                                                                     July 2, 1958

July 9, 1958

July 16, 1958
                                                                       July 23, 1958
                                                                   July 31, 1958
                                                                 August 3, 1958
                                                                 August 10, 1958.
                                                                August 17, 1958
                                                         August 24, 1958
                                                               September 3, 1958.

                                                                September 7, 1958
                                                          September 14, 1958
                                                                 September 24, 1958
                                                                     October 1, 1958

                                                                  October 8, 1958

It was back to Disney for a true-life adventure, White Wilderness.  Yes, this is the 'documentary' in which lemmings are shown leaping to their deaths.  In actual fact, lemmings do not commit mass suicide, though some have been reported to have fallen to their deaths -- like any other animals under very crowded conditions.  It was shot in Alberta, Canada, where lemmings do not live.  Incredibly, it did win the Best Documentary, Feature Oscar. October 15, 1958
                                                                  October 22, 1958
 October 30, 1958

                                                               November 6, 1958
  November 19, 1958

  November 26, 1958

 December 10, 1958

                                                                    . December 17, 1958
  December 24, 1958
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness was the Rialto's big Christmas release. If you pass through Portmeirion, North Wales sometime, look for the gold Buddha that appears in the film.  It's where the movie was shot.                                      December 31, 1958

All articles and advertisements appeared in The Courier-Journal in 1958. 

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