Sunday, February 1, 2015

1955 Los Angeles Auto Show Part Three: Cadillac

Cars were bigger then, and when the artists employed tricky perspectives, they appeared even bigger.

Anna Maria Alberghetti was a Paramount starlet at the time who would go on to great acclaim in the Broadway musical Carnival!  David Rose was a well-known orchestra leader and Judy Garland's first husband. Taking in the rate of inflation, the $1.25 entry fee would translate to about $11 today. 
 Of the fifteen Cadillac dealerships listed in the above ad, only one still exists -- the splendid Casa de Cadillac in Sherman Oaks, CA.
For many more vintage photos, go here. 

Though there are a few other locations which are still auto dealerships (the Beverly Hills location now houses Lexus) they are so greatly altered it's impossible to tell if they are the original structures.  The exterior of the former dealership in Pasadena has not been significantly altered.
This was Clarence Dixon Cadillac on 1440 N. Vine St. in Hollywood.  I'm sure Clarence met many, many stars.
A 1955 Cadillac promo model, from my collection.  Models like these were often given to the customers' children as well as very graphically showing the various color combinations.  The dealership models did not have friction motors.  The versions with them were sold in toy stores and hobby shops across the country.  I wanted all of them. 

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Paul Duca said...

GM gave Casa de Cadillac permission not to make the building over in the new corporate image...