Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Batmobile and the Lincoln Futura -- starring together at Warner Brothers

Nearly four years ago, when I went into a little history about the Lincoln Futura, little did I dream I would ever witness this amazing sight -- a 'new' Lincoln Futura as it was originally designed. Tonight, at Warner Brothers, comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, who owns Batmobile #6 and this new Futura, paid tribute to the great George Barris. After the Futura toured from 1955-1959 in car shows, Ford loaned the car to MGM, which used it in the Debbie Reynolds/Glenn Ford movie It Started with a Kiss.  After that it was forgotten in storage and by 1966 found its way to Barris' backyard.  (He paid a grand total of one dollar for it). Barris, famous for his talents as an automobile customizer to the studios and the stars, was commissioned by ABC to build a futuristic car for a new TV series they were planning about a comic book hero, for which they were willing to pay $15,000 if he was able to deliver said vehicle within an impossible three weeks.  As luck would have it Barris had to look no further for his inspiration than his own backyard. The rest is history, and the one dollar investment eventually turned into a $3,999,999 profit when Barris sold it at auction a few years ago.  It's now sitting in someone's living room in Arizona.