Monday, November 3, 2014

Expo 86 -- Vancouver Part 2

The theme of the fair was transportation and communication, so various vehicles of all times, land, sea and air, were scattered throughout the fair.  "Highway 86" was an art piece on a grand scale that encouraged physical interaction.  I wonder -- does it still exist?


Everyone you looked, there were bright teals, reds and yellows. Everywhere.

I wrote on the back of this snapshot -- China pavilion -- one big gift shop.
I must say I was a little disappointed that many of the buildings were basically tents of various sizes.
Just six years later, Czechoslovakia would no longer exist.
The Roundhouse exhibit.
Despite this impressive spaceship, to me the USSR pavilion was most memorable for featuring out-of-date looking appliances, including televisions that looked like 1960s Zenith models.  There was also a surprisingly grainy 3D movie which looked like it was shot in the 1950s.

Sculptor Bill Lishman's "Transcending the Traffic, a 26 meter tall 'traffic jam.'

John Lennon's yellow Rolls Royce.

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