Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Living for Young Homemakers magazine, 1956

I don't know how many years Living for Young Homemakers was published, but this particular issue was packed with interesting advertisements, such as this one of a smartly dressed young lady selecting her new carpet with euphoria.
And then there's the lady who took Chevrolet's advice that if her husband was so demanding about his dinners being on time, she should be given a smart new, two-tone Bel Air convertible.  Just look how sensational the modern lines of the car are complimented by her modern entry.
The ads of this era often employed charming illustrations like these.  With Formica, it's quite clear your whole life can go from drab to dazzlingly colorful.
Next to this advertisement for George Nelson bubble lamps and sunburst clocks is this suggestion for the home handiman to make a bench exclusively for talking on the telephone.  But think how a built-in table/bench could be useful for storing and browsing magazines.
Looking to collect the ever-popular Franciscan Starburst china?  You might consider as an alternative the similar Syracuse Evening Star.  A quick browse on ebay revealed pieces can be had for bargain prices.

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Paul Duca said...

Note the protagonist of the Chevy ad is a working wife...