Thursday, June 12, 2014

Parade of 1956 Home Plans #8 and #9: Lincoln, NE

 As explained in the article below, both of these houses in Lincoln were designed by architecture students who had the unusual honor of seeing their designs actually built.  Despite their auspicious beginnings, however, I was unable to find out any information about either of these young men. Both houses were 1,800 square feet.

 Remarkably, Alan D. Peterson's design remains in its original condition to this day.  The only noticeable modification to the exterior is conversion of the carport into a garage.

The carport of John P. Beggins' house has also seen a conversion. Though the condition of the house  is obviously not nearly as pristine as Petersons',  it appears the owners over the years have resisted making extensive modifications.  Lincoln modernists, seize the moment when this one hits the market someday.

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