Monday, June 23, 2014

Parade of 1956 Home Plans #17: Houston, TX

Now isn't this a simple yet practical floorplan? Architect W.W. Crochet could have taken the easy way out and simply provided a backyard like most people expect from a house in the suburbs.  Instead, he pushed the house back and provided a private atrium with an L-shaped dwelling.  One can easily imagine a parent viewing his or her child playing in the courtyard from any point in the house. 
 The house today seems to be in original condition.
In 2008, Houston Mod arranged a tour of three of W.W. Crochet's mid-century modern houses.  One of the three was Crochet's own home he designed for himself and his family, and he was on hand to conduct a tour.  Mr. Crochet died in 2013 at age 85.

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