Saturday, June 21, 2014

Parade of 1956 Home Plans #15: Oklahoma City, OK

A model of architect R. Duane Cooper's house appeared on the cover of the magazine.
 The stylish diamond shaped roof made the house look as if it were about to take off.

The house had a formal porte-cochère with the entrance hidden behind a glass screen. One can imagine a large party spilling from the entrance patio through the house to the private patio in the back, cocktail glasses tinkling and light jazz playing on the console stereo in the family room.
At first I thought that the house had been torn down, but a satellite view shows the (possibly relatively unaltered) house is merely hidden behind a new stone front.  It's a pity, as of all the architects featured in this 1956 magazine, R. Duane Conner appears to be one of the most celebrated.  I found two different websites honoring him; this set of photos and the website OKC Mod, which for me took ages to load. 

 OKC Mod discusses what might be R. Duane Conner's most interesting house, the Coley house, which seems not to have been altered a great deal.

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