Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Father's Army Pictures Part Two -- Berlin, 1951 -- McNair Barracks

The clipping above was probably in the New Kensington (PA) Dispatch.
My father didn't identify very many of these photos.  He may also have misspelled some of the names.  By searching the internet, I've determined he was housed in the McNair barracks. Prior to the war, they had been the giant Telefunken factory, located in the Berlin district of Lichterfelde. Read more about it here.
 John McDement, or perhaps it's McDermont?

 My dad's pal Bill Ramson shows up in several pictures.

Above and below, my father, Louis Santoro.  In 1951 he was 23.

 Looks like a poker game.
 I like this shot.

My father is on the left with the cigar.
 The shirtless lad on the left is my father.
 My father.

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