Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Father's Army Pictures Part Four -- Berlin, 1951 -- McNair barracks -- Goerzallee

Reinhard von Bronewski, who has this extensive and informative site about the Berlin Brigade, identified this street as Goerzallee for me.  I suspect these were taken from my father's window, in which case he was housed near the main gate.  For a guy from a sleepy little town like Arnold, PA, this must have been pretty exciting. 

Reinhard told me this was a view of the street '4 Ring', later renamed Strasse des 4th of July because of the big parades held here by the American military.

A latter day picture of the McNair barracks, it is now being converted to luxury housing, and named after Marilyn Monroe!  Many more pictures are here of its recent history.  

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