Monday, September 9, 2013

Retro slides: Munich, 1988 - 89

 In 1988, I had the unexpected opportunity to move to Munich.  I stayed for over a year and then moved on to London for another year and a half.  It enabled me to visit numerous places, some of which I'll share with you via these old slides.
 No shortage of delicious desserts await one in Munich.
 At the center of Munich is the beautiful Englischer Garten.
 Munich is heavily Catholic.
 Munich's landmark cathedral, the Frauenkirche (the Church of Our Lady).
 Every winter, Munich enjoys its own lively version of Mardi Gras which they call Fasching.  The center of the city, Marienplatz, becomes one lively party.

 Even the Munich police get into the act.

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