Saturday, July 20, 2013

A pair of turquoise Edsels

The Teletouch transmission buttons were placed in the middle of the steering column -- probably not the most sensible placement.  Also notice the unusual rotating speedometer design.

 One of the more attractive design aspects of the Edsel was this elegant taillight design, which if it was rotated vertically might have felt right at home on a Chrysler.

 A slightly better view of the rotating speedometer.
Often station wagons had somewhat modified taillight designs to accommodate the tailgates, but usually they were rather modest modifications -- two taillights instead of three on each side, perhaps, as on the 1959 Edsel, but this looks like a completely different car.  You don't have to look too closely to see that it's just a jazzed up version of the rear fenders and taillight housings of the 1957 Ford which also continued on most of the  otherwise completely restyled 1958 Ford Rancheros.  (I thought it was all of them but I found some pictures of Rancheros with the standard 1958 taillights). That was lazy enough,  but this was the premiere year of the car that was promised to be completely different!

No doubt the excuse was that the uniquely horizontal taillights of the 1958 Edsel simply couldn't be adapted to the station wagon's tailgate, though Chevrolet seemed to have no problem with their similarly challenging 1959 station wagons (and El Camino).  Be careful of those fins, kids, when you get out!

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