Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Mother's Big Moment, December 10, 1957

December 10, 1957:  a bank robbery so large in suburban Louisville, KY it was picked up on the wire and the robbers didn't even get the fame they deserved.  It all took place at the Citizens Fidelity Bank branch at Dixie Manor Shopping Center.  My mother, who was the bank secretary, stole it from them.  As she later told me many times, the robbers came in waving guns and said "Everyone out front."  "Well, I was already out front," she told me.  "I thought they meant outside, so that's where I went!  I didn't even have a sweater!  I was freezing!  I heard one of them say, 'Hey, where's she going!' but I didn't think he meant me until I turned around and saw I was the only one out on the sidewalk.  So I ran until I saw a lineman up on a telephone pole.  He called the police." In the complete article which follows, you'll detect a slightly different version.

My aunt, who was in college in Missouri, read about it in the St. Louis paper.  When my mother told grandfather on the telephone that 'we were held up today but I'm okay,' he replied "Oh, all right," rather nonchalantly, assuming she was referring to being held up in traffic.

Soon afterwards, a periodical of some sort speculated that since my mother walked out of the bank unscathed, it was rather hard to believe she wasn't in on the scheme, even referring to her as a 'cheap blonde.'  Oh, how I wish they'd kept a copy!  More troubling was a letter we received.  Angry at her interference, someone, perhaps even a cheap blonde, threatened to kidnap me!  The police weren't convinced it was to be taken seriously as I recall.  I was never kidnapped, so I presume they were right.

The sentencing, December 10, 1958.  No mention of George.

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