Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Like Members of the Family part 2

My Aunt Nancy and I with my grandfather's 1952 Ford. In the background, a glimpse of my Uncle Jack's 1956 Oldsmobile.  Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
 My Aunt Nancy, Aunt Linda and I with Chloe the standard poodle standing by my grandparents' 1954 Buick and my parents' 1956 Ford Victoria.
 My mother went to New York just once, in 1949, to see South Pacific.  She took this picture of her friend pretending to get in an MG.  Anyone have any idea where this was taken?
 My grandfather and I with his 1952 Ford and my father's 1949 DeSoto.  Ft. Lauderdale.
 My cousin Chris and his friend and Chris' family's 1955 Ford station wagon.
 Me posing with our 1956 Ford Victoria.  New Kensington, PA.
 The hula hoop craze had just begun.  The 1956 Ford is in the background.  Louisville, KY.
 My cousin Chris and I with my father's 1949 DeSoto, my uncle's 1956 Oldsmobile and my grandfather's 1952 Ford.  What a great, if inadvertent, composition.  Ft. Lauderdale
 Our standard poodle, Chloe, with our 1949 DeSoto.  Ft. Lauderdale
 My mother in someone else's car.  The shadow of the photographer is what makes this one interesting. New Kensington, PA.
 Valley Station, KY.  My grandparents' 1954 Buick.
 My mother goes on a picnic in someone else's car.
 My grandparents pose in front of their 1954 Buick while attending my Uncle Jack's wedding in Missouri.
 My mother, the girl on the right, and her high school friends, probably about 1945.  New Kensington, PA.
 My mother (right) and a friend pose with my father's 1949 DeSoto.
 My father took this while in the army in 1951.
My grandfather looks on while my cousin Chris, my Aunt Linda and me pose in an antique car at the James Melton Autorama, which was located in Hypoluxo, Florida.  Here's another link about the place.
 Also at the James Melton Autorama.
 My Aunt Linda and I at what I think is Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh.
One of my favorite toys, my blue pedal car.  New Kensington, PA.

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