Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Create your own mid-century garden walls

Frustrated that you can't really buy mid-century inspired garden walls, fences and screens?  That may because most of them, even at the time, were custom made.  Thanks to Sunset Magazine's 1963 Garden Art and Decoration book, here are some really interesting notions that might inspire you to create your very own designs.
 Art for the carport?  Why not?
 Those of your who have access to a kiln might try creating your own tiles like these.
 I like the carved plaster panel at bottom left.  If you're really industrious you could create a whole series of designs  and set them within a wood fence.
 How many dull retaining walls have you seen?  Consider a mural of colored pebbles, ceramic or glass.
 Whenever one of these books says 'easy to make' you have to remember this is relative to mixing plaster and cement.

Here's where things start to get more complex but very interesting.  If you're very clever, you could turn an average patio into an art gallery.
Something tells me these sand casts will take a lot of practice to get successful results, but good old Sunset helpfully provided step by step instructions, below.

 Now here's the stuff I really like.  Decorative outdoor screens were all the rage mid-century.
Look closely at the sample at the top left -- mosaic tile panels alternating between plastic panels.  You can still get translucent plexiglas in various colors.

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