Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Milton Bradley's 1957 Chrysler Test Driver Game

Milton Bradley made lots of games that were tie-ins with television shows and movies, but so far as I know, this was their only tie-in with a car company. It's a fairly straightforward game, using sticks with magnets to grab and pull plastic markers (with metal tabs) through the rough demands that every Chrysler was required to endure before being displayed in showrooms across the country. Each marker is a generic finned Chrysler product, cast in different colored plastic, but we'll forgive them for going to the trouble of featuring those swell drawings of Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler next to each one. Because only four could play, Imperial was omitted but it was included as part of the board art.

The large game board is a large, thick, plastic coated paper which somehow over the last fifty-four years has remained completely intact. Note the three dimensional paper cutouts.

A view across the game board showing its three dimensional paper cutouts.

Details of the game board:

I told you there was an Imperial.

This keen comic book was included, which was doubtlessly also a dealer giveaway since the game is advertised in the center spread.

According to his bio in IMDB, Bill Lundigan, 1914-1975, hosted CBS programs Climax! and Shower of Stars (both 1954), and delivered sponsor Chrysler's commercials. He traveled over 100,000 miles as their goodwill ambassador, visiting 560,000 people in 90 weeks. One presumes he and his wife were given shiny new Chryslers in gratitude for all that.

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This is some cool chrysler milton stuff. Thanks for sharing.