Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lautner's Chemosphere House

About a mile west of Launter's Garcia house and Carling house (see previous posts) is his Chemosphere house (1960), probably the most famous modern house in Los Angeles. Supported on a thirty foot tall cement pedestal, it's the single family version of the Jetsons Sky Pad Apartments. Instead of human sized pneumatic tubes, however, there's a 'hillevator' (a small funicular) to transport goods and humans to the Jupiter 2-shaped dwelling. Publisher Benedict Taschen restored the house in 2000.

At its base is a satellite building, which includes a carport.

I liked the metal grillework on one side of the carport.


walterworld said...

Too bad you couldn't go in!

Enjoy your site very much--Thanks

Scott Santoro said...

There's something strangely evocative about some of those worn mid century modern buildings you've photographed, a time much further in the past than I suppose I'd like to admit.