Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walking to work in January

In the year I've been living in Toronto, I've enjoyed being downtown. I usually walk to work, which takes about a half hour, straight through the downtown core. Sometimes I do take the streetcars or walk underground using The Path, which connects many of the downtown towers. Just one half block from my apartment is the new Festival Tower, which sits atop the new headquarters of the Toronto Film Festival.Standing one block from my apartment. That's the Princess of Wales Theatre on the left, where Young Frankenstein opened this week.
Three views of the new RBC tower and the unfinished Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residences.The CN Tower still looks wildy futuristic in a Jetsons sort of way next to these new towers. Crossing University Avenue.
Approaching the financial centre. Mies Van Der Rohe's Toronto Dominion Centre.Toronto's Stock Exchange.Skyscrapers are very dense at the downtown core. The blue one recently opened and rising up next to it is Toronto's own Trump Tower.