Sunday, December 19, 2010

Japanese cardboard Glitterhouses, circa 1953

When I was growing up, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without our delicate little cardboard village beneath the tree. As you can see some of the cellophane windows have disintegrated, but mostly the houses are generally intact. Transportation for the residents was provided by my O scale American Flyer train, which made convenient, regular stops at the train station and the nativity set. At one point I thought these houses must be very rare, but they turn up on ebay all the time, sometimes in entire sets. There were quite a variety of designs manufactured in the 40s and 50s. In recent years, there's been renewed interest in these charming decorations. There are sites that feature new ones like Dimestore Dwellings. Have a look at their catalog. There are other sites that tell you how to repair your old houses or even design and make your own, like this very useful site. General historical information can be found here.

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