Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Ideas for 1962

For those who really need a challenge -- if BH&G says you need precision to make these, you can probably take them at their word.

Q-tips show up over and over in BH&G Christmas Idea books of this era. When Christmas is over, you can always gradually disassemble these in the bathroom.

In the 24th century, driftwood might look like this.
For those with flair and plenty of time, these homemade cards are quite impressive.
I'm not sure everyone will get the symbolism, but the symbolic tree on the left does look like it would only take hours per card rather than days.
In case you've been wondering what to do with gift paper rolls.
I do like the contemporary goop sample on the right.

Even Joan Crawford would have to admit these wire hanger creations are festive. It says to use foil, but I should think colored cellophane would be nicer, particularly for the butterflies, though the connection with Christmas is a bit of a stretch.
There are loads of ideas for making charming ornaments like this one.

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