Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Ideas for 1961

Want to make your own mid-century modern tree, door decoration, cards, etc? Look no further than any Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Idea annuals from the period. If you made every project, you'd be kept busy until the middle of this century.

This is just one of the suggestions for a front door design made from old Christmas cards and ornaments. Interestingly, the designer, Bob Winquist, later taught at Cal Arts. Jenny Lerew's Blackwing Diaries blog pays tribute to him here.

This looks fun, but I'd like to try it by backing the marbles to a sheet of plexiglas and putting it in a window.

Though new 50s-styled cards are much easier to find in recent years, you might still consider making your own. One suggestion is essentially marbelizing your own paper, something that used to be done with endpapers in high-end book publishing.

How about a wall decoration made out of soda straws? I haven't seen the kind they're referring to in some time -- sparkly, transparent ones in pastel colors, but if nothing else, there's always ebay.

And now, the piece de resistance, ladies and gentlemen! Turn off that TV and stage your very own Christmas puppet show! These charming little guys were designed by master puppeteers Bil and Cora Baird.

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