Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Ideas for 1960

Here's another wonderful vintage Better Homes and Gardens idea book. I bought several of these on ebay several years ago. I just enjoy looking at them, though someday I hope to try out one of the simpler ideas.
These clothespin soldiers are pretty darned cute.
Here's an interesting stylized lantern made from cardboard and tassles. Needless to say, to make any of this stuff, one would benefit enormously by having access to a good crafts store.
Who wouldn't want space age elves? Personally, I'm partial to the triangular Santa door display.
More modernist door displays. If you know someone who has a hundred empty spools lying around the house, the one on the left seems simple enough to make. You can certainly still get pegboards. As for the one on the right, something tells me muffin cups don't stand up well to the outdoors.
This would take lots of careful gluing.

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