Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Ideas for 1958

BH&G editors Guy Neff and John Linkletter weren't coy when it came to pioneering modern decorating ideas. In this issue they go way out on a Christmas tree limb by encouraging their readers to decorate their houses in 'Oriental' and tropical themes.

Nothing says Christmas like a modern Christmas.

I don't know how much 8 gauge copper wire costs these days, but this is a pretty cool tree, dog dish base and all.

Is twine still wound on cones?

I quite like the 'Oriental Christmas colored' tree on the left, though the editors felt the candy cane tree was very clever indeed.

I knew you'd like these, so I've included the instructions.

When you're into Chinese Modern, go all the way, I say, and have a Chinese Modern Christmas.

This is really quite elegant, but is it really Christmas?

"So that's why you've been saving those palm fronds, darling! You're so clever!"
"I can't take all the credit, dear. Better Homes and Gardens practically insists upon a South Seas Christmas this year."

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