Monday, December 27, 2010

Barry Goldwater house, Phoenix, 1958

Book of Homes, An Idea-Filled Collection by the West's Leading Architects, was a high-class periodical, similar to Record Houses, published twice yearly. Each edition is a treasure trove of midcentury gems, many of which I've not seen anywhere else, so I'll share more of them in subsequent posts. Here's the entire article about Paul Christian Yaeger's design for Senator Goldwater, five years before he ran for presidency against Lyndon Johnson.

Total square footage was 4560 square feet. Notice there's not one square room. I particularly like the idea of a triangular bathroom. To see pictures of the house today, go here.


Will Finn said...

Not all that huge really, considering the expansive mansions someone like that would command today. Great design,

Dement Family said...

My Grndmother was Barrys maid for years and years i have such fond memories of this home, when i was 8 i got hit by a car and got to stay there for a couple of weeks Barry and i would eat breakfast together in our pjs and he even signed my cast. Every Sunday we would go over and i loved to explore they had a room filled with guns and a pink room. The bathroom had small black and white photos as wall paper and Barrys shower door had a gold embossed bulldog with a golden Tooth that stuck out of it i think it was one of his old dogs. There were snakes and scorpions to find and on the 4 th we always got to go and watch the entire city's firewoork display. My grandmother made the most elaborate meals for us and we got to go swimming in the pool next to the guest house. I loved that home i wish i could recreate it for my family now.