Thursday, December 23, 2010

Aluminum Christmas trees -- they won't tarnish or shed!

You won't hear those two claims made about many products. My mother was not convinced; we always had a real tree, but I consoled myself with a tiny aluminum tree she brought home from the bank branch where she worked. I faithfully set it up in my bedroom for many years running. It was thrown out in the 70s, but a friend gave me a large one in the mid 90s and I've been putting it up ever since. This pink and perky ad is from Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas for 1960, which I have profiled in a previous post.
Above and below, advertisements from the 1960 Sears catalog.

Above and below, more ads from BH&G 1960.
This one has the same stand as mine, an 8 ft. Aluminum Sparkler, seen below. It was made by the Star Band Co. Inc, in Portsmouth, VA.

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Ellen Bowlin said...

This brings back big memories for me, my dad and uncle both worked at this very factory in Portsmouth during this time ,I greatly remember those tretes