Thursday, July 15, 2010

1961 Plymouth

I don't think you could find a prettier color to paint this 1961 spaceship. I especially like the tail lights that are suspended outside of the fenders, afterburners that promise a speedy voyage to another galaxy. Little did they know the distant future forty-nine years hence would be so yawningly conservative. Where indeed are our flying Jetsons bubble topped cars we were promised? Who knew that in 1961 it was as wild as things were ever apt to get?

Dig the groovy transparent Lucite steering wheel -- and note its unusual shape. Everyone was influenced by jet fighters in those days. What exactly is the inspiration these days for automobile design? Somebody please tell me.

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Lars Petter Eikemo said...

I admire the great loook of the car.
Myself I have a 2 door sedan - rustfree and it is in Norway.
I restaure it were thorougly from top to bottom and next year I go to Nebraska - to wreckyards - to fing som parts I am missing.
I am a great admirer of all MOPAR products through the year, but I like best the years 1956 - 1962.

Lars P. Eikemo WPC member