Thursday, July 15, 2010

1958 Oldsmobile

There's no mistaking the 1958 GM cars. Every division was bigger and bulkier than the 57s, and the 59s were lower, longer and wider. Suddenly there were four headlights, grilles like bared teeth and as much chrome as they could fit in. This Oldsmobile won for best in original condition. Not restored! Imagine! It was still wearing its original seat covers until recently. I personally love these rocket fins. Each fender could be melted down to make a Honda. GM loved to hide the gas tank opening. They started by playing with the Cadillac. Here, it's behind the left taillight. You pushed it to the right and the assembly swiveled open. Now that had to have been fun for the gas station attendants, because in those days no one stepped out of their cars. Everyone had their hood opened to check the oil and radiator, and people were shocked if their windshields weren't cleaned, all for 25 cents a gallon.

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