Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hawaiian Christmas Part Two: Kauai

Here's a sampling of the first day on Kauai a few days after Christmas. The gods were with us and the weather was beautiful. Even when it rained, as it often does on Kauai, it was a warm, pleasant rain. Two more posts will follow.

Take care when swimming in Kauai. I learned that the seas can be rough in the winter. There were four drownings in as many days when we were there.
If I were a chicken, I'd pick Kauai as the place to live. They roam everywhere without fear of the Colonel. The roosters crow all the time, not just at dawn.
Lawa'i Botanical Gardens, Po'ipu, South Kauai

Above, close up of the bark of a tree in the gardens.
Abandoned hotel near the airport, right across the road from the beach. Any takers? Definitely a fixer.

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