Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CN Tower

Completed in 1975, the tallest structure in North America (and until recently, the world) is a communications and observation tower. I've always wanted to live in the Jetsons' Skypad Apartments. The elevators are extremely fast and in the center have a glass floor, so it's the next best thing to the Jetson's pneumatic tubes. I ask you, though, where are the bubble topped flying cars we've been promised? Unlike the Space Needle, there are actually two observation levels -- about three hundred feet above the main observation deck is the smaller Sky Pod.

It's a bit hard to conceive of the fact that those aren't, in fact, scale models of twenty and thirty story buildings.

If you've ever wondered whether or not you're truly afraid of heights, try walking on the glass floor. I have to admit, my legs felt rather rubbery.