Friday, November 20, 2009

The 800 Apartments, Louisville

You have to look hard for mid-century modern architecture in Louisville, but it does exist. Case in point, The 800 Apartments downtown, completed in 1963 and considered the very height of luxury at the time. At 29 stories, it was the tallest building in the city until the Citizens Fidelity Tower (now PNC) was completed in 1971.

It was designed by Arrasmith and Tyler of Chicago.

Looking straight up at the 800's distinctive turquoise curtain wall.

Groovy decorative block graces the drive to the entrance.

What this porte cochere with its suspended roof needs is a 1963 Imperial.

The old girl is looking a bit tired these days but perhaps now that mid century architecture is very hot again, the 800 will enjoy a sensitive and responsible restoration (keep it turquoise).


Dennis Towne said...

It certainly does need some restoration, but not so much on the outside as the inside. The apartments, plumbing, and heating systems are for the most part as old as the exterior, and this has made it hard for the owners to keep tenants.

I do hope they keep the general look at feel; I really like the idea of living in a building made out of glass, concrete, and metal. It just appeals to the engineer in me.

Marty said...

My brother worked at WLRS-FM, when they had their studios in the 800. I always enjoyed visiting there, for the excuse of looking around that building...what a view from the roof. I wondered what the tenants, many of them elderly, must have thought of the rock-n-rollers wandering around. The doorman was always great to us though.