Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Toronto in January

I arrived in Toronto on Saturday. On a cold Sunday, we wandered around the downtown core. Despite it being stunningly cold (something I'm not used to), I was still able to admire the collision of Toronto's impressive mix of new and old architecture.

Immediately one of my favorite buildings, the Gooderham Building was built in 1892. It's commonly called the Flatiron Building.
The Flatiron abuts Front Street, where one can find several charming old buildings like these.
Toronto's local department store is The Bay, the main brand of Hudson's Bay Company.
One of the attractive entraces to The Bay. The second level leads to the large, modern Eaton Centre shopping mall.
The Eaton Center was named for what was once Canada's largest department store.

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Will Finn said...

Apart from the ball-busting cold, it looks very picturesque!