Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kew Gardens

I used to live across the street from Kew Gardens, in 1989-1991, so returning to the old neighborhood was an interesting little adventure, mostly because I was shocked at how little I remembered. I knew how to get there, but as I walked from Richmond station up Kew Road, I saw almost nothing I recalled. I only had been to Kew Gardens about three times the whole time I lived across the street, once right after it snowed about 8" around February of 1990. I took pictures of that, but they're in a box in Los Angeles. That will be a much later post, I'm afraid. Anyway, once inside, I discovered several new structures and that the enormous rose garden had inexplicably vanished.

I was intrigued by this interesting, rather small greenhouse. The high arch enables ideal air movement.

In the movie "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" there is an argument about a monkey puzzle tree, so I've always wondered what one looked like. Kew has this large specimen.

Note the spiny, densely packed, hard, cascading leaves.

Leaving, I took a shot of my old apartment building, Lamerton Lodge. I wonder if they ever fixed the shower. Probably not. In America, a plumber would have ripped the walls out trying to fix it, but every plumber I called said "Sorry, mate, can't be fixed' and that was that. And so I endured a sputtering, gasping, explosive, stalling shower for a year and a half. The first time I attempted to run the dishwasher, it would not come on. Then I discovered it simply had never been connected. When I contacted the wealthy owner, he said "Oh, you Americans and your appliances."

Nearing Richmond on Kew Road I passed by an old, abandoned bakery. They must have left in a hurry, because these dusty old cakes were still in the window. Somewhere in the back, perhaps, is Miss Havisham's wedding cake.