Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Lost Archives

Recently my brother Todd found three rolls of undeveloped Brownie film in our mother's desk and sent them off to a specialty developer. I did what I could to fix the flaws, spots and clearing in PhotoShop. The dates range from 1963 through 1966 at our house at 7910 Conifer Drive in Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky. Above, Halloween 1964, wearing a Collegeville 'beatnik' costume bought at G.C. Murphy's at Dixie Manor. The trick or treat bag is clearly a reuse from the previous year. It rained. Below, a picture of an RCA black and white console TV just like ours that turned up on ebay. Ours blew its picture tube (in a black puff of smoke) during a football game after only about six years of continual use. My father was so startled, he fell backwards off a stool. I laughed. He didn't.
My brother Todd and I in front of our 1957 Rambler. We were so dressed up it might have been Easter, or perhaps we were on the way to one of my dreaded accordion concerts.
Yes, I played the accordion.
A snow day was almost as joyful as Christmas vacation.
The strange shape in the foreground is our standard poodle, Chloe. The trees in the background are now massive, but the houses look pretty much the same.
Brother Kurt came along in 1965.
Todd and gentle Chloe.
Todd in the foreground, me in the background in apparent euphoria.

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Dog Bites Back said...

What evocative photos. What a cool blog.