Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mykonos, Greece

On my third day in Athens, I boarded a large ferry to Mykonos. I've never been on a cruise, so this was as close as I've gotten. It was a six hour trip and stopped at a few other islands along the way. The ferries are modern and quite civilized, with large reserved sections (where people without rservations will try to steal your seat if you leave it unattended), large screen TVs, snack bars and outdoor deck seating.

The Mykonos shoreline.
The ferry landed at Mykonos Town's port, which is famous for its nighttime partying but also has some rather charming steep stair streets like these.

My hotel was at the very quiet Elia Beach. I was intrigued by the numerous tiny chapels dotting the island.
The view from my hotel room of Elia Beach.
Around 4 AM, moonlight woke me up so I went out on the deck and took this picture.

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