Sunday, August 10, 2008

St Pancras station and a Chagall

Yesterday was gloomy with intermittent showers. I decided to go see Elaine Stritch's one woman show At Liberty at the Shaw Theatre on Euston Street (which was superb). After buying the ticket, I wandered next door to the massive St. Pancras station and the adjacent, former Midland Grand Hotel. The hotel quickly became out of date because of too few bathrooms. At that time the wealthy traveled with their servants and bathtubs were brought to the rooms. When that suddenly ceased to be the fashion, for decades the building lay dormant. Now it's being restored to a hotel and very expensive apartments.

One of the hotel towers.

St. Pancras' clock tower.

St Pancras has been recently rebuilt and restored as this London's international terminal, where one boards to take the bullet train to Paris. While you wait, you can dine at the long oyster bar overlooking the arriving and departing trains.

On the floor below this concourse is a new shopping mall.

Thi enormous new sculpture, The Meeting Place, is by sculptor Paul Day.

While walking along Bond Street, I passed a gallery with this beautiful Chagall in a gallery window. Even for London, this was an arresting sight.

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