Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hampton Court Palace

On this muggy, warm Sunday I decided to revisit Hampton Court Palace. I was last there on a cold November day in 1989. Easily accessible by train about 45 minutes from Waterloo station, Hampton Court sits upriver on the Thames, where it starts to be more the gentle, pastoral river we might imagine from romantic 19th century novels.

The front of the palace with its sweeping front lawn.

The famous astrological clock.

An impressive staircase mural that blends wall with ceiling.

The manicured grounds, which also features a popular maze (which frankly is not as interesting as I had imagined).

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How lovely to meet you Scott...And thank you very much for your kind words about my photography...! It is an interesting challange to be "confined" and yet still have the need to be involved in creative some ways my confinement has given me a closer view of many things we take for granted, or...We don't see at all...!

I'd love to know who 'the friend of a friend' so very involved with Theatre West is...I have been involved there myself since the very first year of Theatre Wests inception, and am always interested in the six degrees of separation that seems to exist!.

How wonderful for you to be living in London...! I have been there twice, now many years ago---And I loved it. The first time Betty G. was doing her One-Woman Show and a lot of us gathered there...It was a fantastic trip. We celebrated my Birthday there and and spent a glorious and deeply memorable day in The Cotswolds. A Magical area if ever there was one.
I documented this trip in the early days of my blog...If you are interested in seeing all the places we went, etc....As I recall there were six posts...! LOL!
I think it was Novermber-December 2005 that I posted all these pictures and accompanying text....!

I love the pictures you have on here of Hampton Palace. What a very beautiful place it is, in every way. I am going to go poke around now, Scott, and see what other treasures you shared with us!