Sunday, May 11, 2008


I took a bullet train to Barcelona so I could see more of the countryside. Why doesn't the United States have trains like this? It made just two stops and took three hours, hitting speeds of 300 kph. There was even a movie! The ride was velvety smooth and best of all, no hours of waiting at an airport.

Not too far from my hotel I caught sight of one of the famous Gaudi buildings, the Casa Mila. It was an overcast day so the light wasn't the best.

Nearby the Casa Mila is the Casa Terrades.

It's said that Barcelona has more Art Nouveau buildings than any other city.

I was on my way to the totally unique Gaudi cathedral Sagrada Familia, which I'll save for the next post.


Josep Lluis Sánchez said...

I am of Barcelona. I have liked blog. Pretty photos…

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Barcelona is so very Beautiful! LOVE that Gaudi Building!!! It is really glorious, isn't it? So are all the rest of the buildings you photgraphed....This was quite a trip.
I wish we had trains like that here, too! It is incredible to me that we don't.