Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Malmo, Sweden

Two weeks ago, I visited my friend Helga. Arriving in Copenhagen, I boarded a swift, smooth and surprisingly roomy train at the airport, which began as a tunnel but then, surprisingly, rose to the surface at an artifical island where it continued as a long span to Malmo. This was my first visit to Scandanavia, which immediately impressed me as wealthy, civilized and tidy. While the weather was wintry, there was one restaurant just off the town square which insisted upon outdoor dining (thanks to gas heaters every five feet or so). I personally was taken with these 1960s stylized sculptures around a fountain in front of the courthouse.

We also enjoyed this whimsical parade.

While much of Malmo is relatively old and low-rise, the big surprise is the so-called Twisted Torso, a new residential tower along the shore, which seems to have been airlifted from Dubai.

This wooden windmill is in a small city park near this old, storied fort, now a multi-purpose museum.

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