Sunday, March 9, 2008

Queen's Theatre

Next door to the Gielgud is the Queens Theatre. Les Miserables moved here four years ago after eighteen years at the larger Palace Theatre. One wonders, just how tired can something be after twenty-two years? Are the leads now being played by the children of the original cast members? London is the place to be if you're an actor and want a steady job, I guess. At least Cats finally closed. That gives me some comfort. I guess everyone on earth saw it at least twice. Anyway, I'm not going. If I don't see a play within the first century of its run, I just don't bother. As for the theatre, it opened in 1907. According to Wikipedia, it has its original Edwardian interior but a modern shell after being hit by a German bomb in 1940. That also explains the modern lobby.

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TIFFANY said...

you looks like lover of theatre :)) Nice pictures!