Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Her Majesty's Theatre

Phantom of the Opera has been playing at Her Majesty's Theatre continuously since 1986 -- twenty-two years! By this time the place must have a few new phantoms of its own. It's certainly beautiful on the outside but I guess I'll go to my grave without seeing the interior. I'll try to remember to check on my deathbed to see if it's still playing. It'll give me something to talk about to those visiting me. "I see Phantom is entering its fiftieth year, imagine that," I'll say. They'll probably nod and give the nurse a knowing glance "It won't be much longer, he's cracking up."

I saw the Phantom that would not die a very long time ago in Los Angeles. I will admit that generally speaking, I enjoyed it, despite the silly slow-moving chandelier. That being said, once was enough. Fortunately for Andrew Lloyd Webber, the population of the earth is expanding at an alarming rate. Thousands of potential new ticket buyers around the world are born every minute! I will say, Sir Andrew could not have chosen a more appropriate venue in London, with its French Renaissance architecture and interior based on the Opera at Versailles.

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