Thursday, March 6, 2008

Comedy Theatre

When my friend Cindy was in town in October, we went to the Comedy Theatre to see Boeing-Boeing , a modern French farce about a playboy with three European stewardess fiancees. I'd remembered the 1965 Tony Curtis movie (with Jerry Lewis in a supporting role). The revival wisely did not attempt to update but embraced the dated nature of its material. The wise-cracking Rhea Perlman fit well into the part of housekeeper Bertha (who played it as dryly as Thelma Ritter had in the movie) but the hilarious Doon Mackichan stole the show as the Lufthansa stewardess.
The theatre itself was built in 1881, and is more intimate (796 seats) than many of the larger West End houses. Because it has three balconies, no one is terribly distant from the stage. Currently playing is Harold Pinter's The Lover and The Collection.

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