Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great beauties of General Motors' past

Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, my friend Richard Stanley tells me that General Motors is planning to include his 1928 La Salle 303 Roadster (above) and his 1938 Cadillac 60 Special V8 (below) in a book marking their upcoming centennial. These two rare and glorious diadems are the crown jewels of Richard's classic car collection and I've been priviledged to ride in both of them. I had never before ridden in cars that old, and was surprised how fun the LaSalle was. I remarked at the time it was like being in an amusement park ride. I simply couldn't stop smiling. Produced just ten years later, the 1938 Cadillac demonstrated enormous strides forward in the automotive world. It set the standard for all luxury cars (including Rolls Royce). Now nearly seventy years old, gliding through the streets of Los Angeles (a city hardly lacking in automotive splendor) she is still turning heads. How many grand old dames can say that? Incidentally, these stunning photographs are Richard's own; he's a professional photographer as well as a noted realtor. You can see his current listings and more of his photography here.


Tony Unruh said...

Scott great blog, funny to see Richard's cars on your blog since I just saw these photos last week at his house. Unbelievably beautiful cars. Keep taking pictures of all the beautiful buildings in London (and some of the amazing cars you see there. Take care, Tony.

Will Finn said...

little danny when berzerk for the big blue car. great pics.