Sunday, November 19, 2017

1925 Louisville Auto Show

The Courier-Journal printed a special automotive section for the seventeenth annual auto show on February 15, 1925.

The Hudson-Essex dealership buiding is still there.

Grocery shopping on wheels was a handy idea for the housewife who found it inconvenient to get to the market.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

1924 Louisville Auto Show

The Courier-Journal ran a special section for the sixteenth annual auto show on February 17, 1924.  As you'll see, Chevrolet was advertised very aggressively this year.

The Jenner-Woody Ford showroom at 440 East Broadway today is in remarkably original condition, and it appears the building next door is as well.

F. P. Harper Ford at 1064 Bardstown Road has been greatly modified but many of the architectural details have been left intact.

 Universal Car Company at Broadway and 25th had been expanded at some point and many of the details survive.  25th Street at Broadway no longer exists.

This location of what was Monarch Auto Company is now occupied by an I-65 overpass.